Keller Coffee Shops

If you are a coffee lover, you more than likely are always eager to try new coffee shops in the area. Keller, Texas, has a few local coffee shops that are highly rated by locals and are hidden gems. Our local coffee shops offer a great setting to do a little bit of work, read a book, and/or meet with friends. Today, we are narrowing down the best Keller coffee shops.

Summer Moon Coffee

Summer Moon was founded by closely-knit family and friends in the Texas Hill Country. Today, they have a few locations, one of them being in Keller, Texas. They’ve always had one goal in mind: to create a distinctive, out-of-this-world, experience that people drive across town for. An experience to be shared through coffee + atmospheres that inspire the warmth of cozy evenings
under a summer moon. Summer Moon coffee beans are still roasted in Austin, TX in the same wood-fired brick ovens they built using the time-honored process of 19th-century coffee masters. They are continually perfecting a craft roasting process that we are proud to call our own. For the better part of two decades, they have been committed to making small, hand-roasted batches of the finest beans over seasoned Texas oak. Not only is the coffee amazing, but the aesthetic is also modern rustic, and cozy. Stop by and get your coffee fix.

Graduate Coffee

This is Graduate Coffee, a Keller coffee shop that feels like a summer vacation but works as if it`s finals week. Graduate coffee started here 5 minutes from Keller, Texas. We suggest pairing their coffee with warm and delicious almond croissants! A classic and timeless combination for breakfast. Not to mention, graduate coffee is now available to host events for you and your communities! They will offer coffee, pastries, and ample space for your events. You can rent the space after their closing hours for an hourly fee. In addition, they have a Saturday night tradition where they dedicate the space for game nights. Bring your family, friends, or your communities for a fun and competitive night!

Kindred coffee

Do you like coffee and music? Kindred coffee hosts singers/songwriters to showcase their passion on the last Friday of every month. Sometimes a solid cup of black coffee is what hits the spot. They offer a wide variety of import coffee from all around the globe roasted right here at Kindred and brewed just for you at the slow bar! Try their in-house roasted coffee as a pour-over or French press for a delicious taste. You can also choose your favorite bean, region, or flavor profile or try something new off their slow bar.

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